Last Monday, I wrote about the stages of growth and the stages of parenting.

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Since we have 4 kids, all 4 of them are in different stages.

Our youngest Joaquin is still in the telling stage. Ryan, who is 9 years old, is now in the teaching stage. Janina, 14, is now on the coaching stage together with our 17 year old, Nathan.

Part of releasing Nathan to make his own decisions is allowing him to go on an international trip all on his own.

Recently, he went on a missions trip to China to meet our pastor there. He spent 2 weeks to assist, play the guitar, speak and do whatever it takes to serve our church and pastor.

It wasn’t an easy decision because since it’s summer time, we’d rather have him with us most of the day and many days of the week.

However, we saw that it was also an opportune moment to get him into a posture of service and position of independence to learn lessons he wouldn’t be able to if he was with us at home.

I guess this is part of what it means to release our children into the purposes of God.

The goal is to transition them from being dependent on us to become more dependent on God.

It’s not the easiest to do as parents because we want to stay in control and micro manage their life.

But by God’s grace, we can.

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