On the way home from a family reunion, my 4 year old, Joaquin, kept on talking incessantly.

Part of my conversation with him went this way…

ME: “Joaquin, you love to talk…”

JOAQUIN: “Not really. Only when I’m sitting… and when I’m standing… and when I’m lying down.”

Well, that sounds like all the time.  I didn’t tell him but that’s what I thought.

Parents, your kids go through seasons when they’re talkative and seasons when they want to just be silent. My teenager is in the stage where I will have to draw out his thoughts from within him.

If you have a talkative toddler like Joaquin, enjoy it and have fun.

If you have a teen who is less talkative, God is able to give us parents grace how to ask questions without the feeling of interrogation and teach principles without ‘sermonizing’.

Either way, put down the cellphone or iPad.

Take the opportunity to connect with your child.

The window is for a brief period.

Time flies as they say. To some, time zooms faster than a flight.

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