“Sex was always a given and usually happened the first or second time we were together. I didn’t care anymore. I felt dead inside and thought this is just the way it is… I felt lost and hurt.” (Julie, 27)

Unfortunately for some, it’s too late once they find out the about damaging effects of sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage.

As human beings, we are more than just sex machines or animals. We are so much more.

“If we think our makeup is limited to satisfying appetites, we’ll conclude that we can engage in sexual activity, enjoy it on a physical level, and totally disassociate these acts from the rest of what we are as human beings – but we’ll be sadly mistaken.” (Dr. Gary Rose)

In her book, The Primal Teen, Barbara Strauch shares that it has been found that poor or unhealthy parent-teen relations are major factors for boys and girls to engage in risky behaviors which includes sex.

On the flip side, in each case, research tells us that home environment had greater influence on behavior than hormone levels and if parent-child relations were good, hormone levels do not seem to matter at all regarding risky sexual behavior.

It is worth remembering that every child’s body and brain transforms as he or she gets older, and this transformation has a huge physical and psychological impact on all things sexual.

Take note of the recent studies that follow:

According to a report from the Heritage Center for Data Analysis in Washington DC, sexually active adolescents were three times more likely to be depressed than their friends who are still virgins.

The Adolescent and Family Health organization found out that those who were not virgins when they married are more likely to divorce than those who remained abstinent until marriage.

E. Laumann, R.T. Michael, G. Kolata reports in their article, “Sex in America: A Definitive Survey”, that married couples report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than unmarried individuals with multiple sexual partners.

Human beings are creatures who are much more than physical bodies. We possess the ability for cognitive thought, which includes judgment, abstract thinking, planning for the future, moral intelligence, and other processes that govern our lives.

Our decision-making ability, coming from the highest centers of the brain, can guide an individual to the most rewarding sexual behavior – unless bad programming from premature and unwise sexual behavior during the adolescent years has occurred, causing the brain formation for healthy decision making to be damaged.


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