I loosely define vision as a picture of the future.

When my daughter turned 13, I took her out on a date to do just that – give her a mental picture of what the future might look like for her.

After a nice dinner in one of our favorite restaurants, The Old Vine, I went into my speech.

“One day you’ll get married.” (Believe me, this one was a hard line to tell her.)

“While that hasn’t happened yet, I want you to know that God is preparing you and the person you’ll end up with. Your mom and I have prayed for your future husband since you were a baby. And to this day, we still do.”

“In the next several years, I want you to have a picture of how your wedding will look like – that when you walk down that aisle in your beautiful white gown, you will be pure and holy before God… that you’ve kept your virginity and offered your purity to God, reserving it for the man you will marry.”

“So that when the pastor declares, ‘you may kiss the bride’, your answer will be ‘I do’ and not ‘I did.'”

I don’t remember all that I told her but that would be the gist of my speech to her.

After which, I pulled out a ring and gave her what I would call a purity ring.

I said,

“This ring, I’m giving to you today, as a sign of your commitment to keep yourself pure before God until the day you get married. Is this the vision you have for your future?”

She said, “Yes!” (whew!)

“And this purity ring will only be replaced by an engagement ring that your future husband will give you as a sign of his commitment to you.”

Well, that was a hard one for me to talk to my daughter with all the emotions going inside of me as a dad, but thank God for His grace.

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