I’ve been reading Andy Stanley’s book, “When Work and Family Collide”.

A statement in chapter 7 got my attention. He said, “re-prioritizing¬†your world around your family is not just a good idea; it’s a God idea.¬†As a Christian, I don’t think I have any options when it comes to establishing my priorities. To ask my family to take the leftovers is more than insensitive. It flies in the face of everything we’re taught in the New Testament about the family.”

Nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to lay down our lives for stock options or to love our careers like Christ loved the church. We are told to “do” our jobs and “love” our families (Colossians 3:23). When we love our job and do our family, we have not only stepped outside the bounds of family life but we’ve also stepped outside the will of God.

“God doesn’t reveal his will for our consideration. He reveals it for our participation.” (Charles Stanley)

Making a decision by the grace of God is the way to go. Daniel “resolved in his heart” to obey God. Building a conviction and making the decision is painful and difficult but it is well worth it.

The Latin word for decide is decider which means to ‘cut off’. Deciding not to cheat at home involves “cutting off” whatever behavior and habits that are contrary to your new conviction.

Making up your mind isn’t just choosing an option. That’s only half the battle. It is also about thoroughly eliminating all competing options.

Henrando Cortez had a conviction. April 21, 1519, he resolved to whatever it takes to conquer Mexico for Spain. He was up against the Aztecs, Cubans and Mayan warriors. As long as there were ships to retreat to, retreat would remain an option.

What did he do? He had the ships burned so that retreat won’t be one of the options anymore. That resolute choice rallied the men to focus all their strength and resources on achieving the only option – to win! In an incredible short amount of time, Mexico was theirs.

Decide today.

Decide now.

God’s grace is available.