Sleep, rest or movie marathon?

As a dad, this is probably on the top of my list when I find out there’s an upcoming holiday.

I’ve always heard my mom tell me, “vacations are never for us parents, but really for you kids.
I’ve always responded sarcastically in my mind, “yeah, right!

But when I became a dad myself, my response to her statement? “Yeah right! You are absolutely right!

So yesterday, we visited Abe’s Farm in Pampanga. Great food. Great place to hang out with your kids and take lots of photos.

Oh, another thought…

Lots of our out of town trips have been with families where our kids are of the same age of our friends’ kids. We’ve strategically built these friendships and relationships. How come?

  • same values shared among our families.
  • similar age and similar interests.
  • we enjoy the same things together with God in the center of our conversations.

Now, onto the next holiday plans… haha…