One of the surprises I had last Father’s Day was to see one of my ‘students’ in Kids Church from years ago.  I was a Kids Pastor for about 11 years and had the pleasure of teaching young kids. Many of them came from families with a complete set parents. A few had come from solo parent homes.

Darlene was one of them. I met her when she was about 6 years old.

She’s now 18 and when she approached me last Sunday, I was blown away by how she’s matured through the years.

I asked her to email me her thoughts about growing up with God as our Heavenly Father.

Read her thoughts and be blessed…

I honestly am not sure where to start. This topic is so complex, because I have so much testimonies …how God shaped me.

The best thing that happened my entire life- being raised by my single mom. Why, because I grew up feeling God directly had my back. That unlike almost all the kids I knew, I may not have a physical dad, (but because I was raised in church), I knew I had God as my dad. He has been the Father I never had, but at the same time, the Father I have always had.

I grew up feeling like nothing was impossible. Having God as your dad can make you feel that way versus having a limited human dad.

Don’t get me wrong, having a dad would be great. In fact, I wondered often what it’s like. I really have no idea at all. Just curious. But I don’t see it as a need, having a dad. Maybe I have grown so used to not having a father around that I just couldn’t tell the difference. I don’t have anybody I can compare to God.

Growing up in a single parent home, and being raised in church, worked this way for me:

When we didn’t know what to do as family, we’d go to God. Him being our decision-maker. Our guide.

When we needed protection as a family, we’d go to God. Pray for protection, and be protected. Just like how a father protects his family from harm. To this day, we have been given supernatural protection by God. Now that I’m 18 years of age, I can say that, all my life, specially during the trying times we’ve had, God has protected us. We have seen the best and worst our side of town has to offer. And no matter where we go, we never really get scared. We have always been protected. We just say a prayer. And everything is alright. We ride planes, we say a prayer of protection. When something doesn’t feel right, we say a prayer of protection. No human being father can protect a mother and daughter so supernaturally the way God does.

When we need provision as a family, we’d go to God. We have nobody else to go to but God. And God always worked in mysterious ways. He would provide vehicles he would use to provide for us, or he’d directly just provide for us through random people. God worked so mysteriously YET, he worked through everyone and everywhere. His provision was limitless.

Even though I grew up in a single home, I felt God was able to father me more directly. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was able to focus on him more. I knew nobody else but God.

Best thing that ever happened. Even though I grew up in a single parent home. Being in church, I did not have a hard time at all. In fact I feel it has been the best thing that happened to me. It has shaped me to be who I am.

I learned many things.

Most of the time, I don’t right away understand God’s will. But as time comes, I see how my Father is molding me.

I also learned that, things always got better sooner than I thought. God steps in, acts as my father and fixes problems sooner than I think.

He guides me and gives me advice. The principles he teaches through His Word, guides me through my everyday life. Just like how a real father would guide his daughter or son.

I’m an only child, and it has always been me, my mom and God. And it has been amazing. God has been able to  directly step in my family and take charge. Be the father of our family.

Having God as your father brings a certain calm. A calm no human being can give. It makes you feel you have a superhero as your dad. Him being everywhere. Unchanging in all his plans and promises.