AWESOME DAD (guest blog by Diane Gabriel)

Can a father who grew up without one be a good dad? Absolutely. Here’s a testimony of a young mom who honors her husband for being an awesome husband and dad.


At the time I first met my husband Gabe, he had not seen nor heard from his father in over 14 years. He didn’t have many great father-son stories, just little pockets of memorable moments, like playing remote-controlled cars, watching his dad perform, or hanging out at his recording studio. He once said that he felt he could never be a good father because for many years he grew up without one.

Fast forward a few years later, that morning after Christmas day I watched him cradle our new son in his arms for the first time, so full of emotion. To say that Gabe was a hands-on dad is quite an understatement — shortly after our first son was born I got hospitalized for hypocalcemia. I couldn’t walk, stand, sit, or even sneeze without feeling excruciating pain. In the following weeks as I slowly recovered, Gabe took on his role as a new and practically full-time dad with so much love and patience. Whatever challenge we faced as new parents was more than we expected or could have prepared for, but with God’s grace we pulled through. And now, with the birth of our second son, his excitement and joy on being a dad is all but diminished.

To my husband, on his second year of being a GREAT father — for fully embracing your role as daddy, for hugging and kissing them multiple times each day, for changing their diapers without hesitation, for playing with them, giving them baths and tucking them to bed each night, for always praying for them, for asking God’s wisdom on how to raise them, and for showing them how much you love their mommy — happy father’s day. :)

The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them – Proverbs 20:7 (NLT)

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