Growing up without my dad was a tough one.

Especially because I went to an all boys school. Father and Son days were the toughest. Activities like father and son 2 on 2 basketball was horrific for me.

I remember a time when I asked my friend Joel if I could “borrow” his dad so that I could play in the school event. I appreciate my teachers who let me play with my “borrowed” father just so I can play.

This left a gaping hole growing up that caused a lot of insecurity.

When I met Christ and gave my life to Him, it was not easy. God was introduced to me as my Heavenly Father. I had no concept of what it was to have one because Mama and Papa split up before I turned 1.

But when I did, God proved Himself faithful through the years. He showed me what it meant for Him to be my Heavenly Father.

His promise to me? “I will be a Father to those who don’t have one.” (Psalm 68:5)

Later on, God restored my relationship with my Papa which didn’t happen until 22 years after.
But that’s another blog. That one is a miracle all on a league of its own.

But to those who are growing up without a dad, it really sounds cliche-ish, but there’s no other father that will love you unconditionally and self sacrificially as your Heavenly Father.

He is here to stay. He will never leave nor forsake.

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